With the debate around EU treaty changes back on the agenda, a group of renowned European experts from a large diversity of countries and disciplines, and after two years of systematic work, launch an innovative report on the topic: ‘EU Treaties – Why they need targeted changes. An approach based on European public goods, citizenship and democracy’.

“The EU project is confronted with a radically new context: war in our continent and neighbourhoods, geopolitical rivalry, the climate emergency, a cost-of-living crisis, the pandemic experience, tensions about migration, misinformation disturbing democracies. The need for a stronger European capacity to act is evident on all these fronts and the current EU Treaties show their limits. The time has come to reassess them and identify some targeted changes. Recent developments are building up momentum for this, notably war, the enlargement as geopolitical imperative, the need to prepare it with EU internal reform as well as the aspirations expressed by the Conference on the Future of Europe”, says Maria João Rodrigues, coordinator of the expert group and President of FEPS.

This report was presented at this Conference at the European Parliament.

Link to the report : https://feps-europe.eu/publication/eu-treaties-why-they-need-targeted-changes/