TV interview for EuVisions project

Maria João Rodrigues: “What we need is a fully fledged European Social Union” (video)

In this interview, EuVisions discusses the prospects of a European Social Union with Maria João Rodrigues, Vice-President of the S&D Groups at the European Parliament.The “European Social Union: a public forum debate” is an editorial project dealing with the possible establishment of a European Social Union (ESU), the prospects of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and the role that the latter might play as one of ESU’s key components.

A set of articles authored by high-level academic figures discussed the raison d’être of ESU, the European Pillar of Social Rights and their mutual link from a variety of perspectives.

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About EuVisions:

EuVisions is an observatory aimed at offering up-to-date information and analyses on crucial issues pertaining to the European Social Union (ESU) and the development of the European integration process. It was established as part of the ERC-funded REScEU project (Reconciling Economic and Social Europe: Values, Ideas and Politics) directed by Maurizio Ferrera, based at the University of Milan and the Centro di Ricerca e Documentazione “Luigi Einaudi” in Turin.

Combining academic rigour, the use of infographics and an eye on current events makes EuVisions a unique experiment, which aims not only to speak to different audiences and to bridge the gap between scholars and laypeople interested in this subject.