The European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA) and the Historical Archives of the European Union organized the High-Level Conference titled “The Future of Europe starts Today“.

FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues participated in a roundtable together with presidents of other European political foundations.

During this conference, the proposal “Our European Union – Time to be Bold, to Act, and to Deliver”, formulated by the FMA at the “Conference on the Future of Europe”, was presented to the political, academic world and, above all, to European citizens. The proposal is the result of the work carried out by the prestigious members of the ad hoc “Reflection Group on the Future of the EU“.

The text was created in fruitful collaboration, further matured during a cycle of events. Concretely, it contains five general guidelines for the future of Europe and ten concrete proposals for the direction of the European Union. Importantly, the proposal considers that the conference should focus on general issues relating to European integration; on how to better protect the rule of law; on the methods to be used for the EU to become increasingly efficient; and on how it can increase its capacity to act and achieve what citizens expect. All that without excluding the possibility of modifying the Treaty.