On May 23rd, the foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS), which is presided by Maria João Rodrigues, organized a timely expert meeting on the war and the reconstruction of Ukraine with the participation of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission for a Stronger Europe in the World, Josep Borrell.

Top experts, policymakers and activists provided inputs to FEPS work and progressive policy-making in EU institutions for a new Eastern policy, EU-Russia relations, the role of the EU in the reconstruction of Ukraine and the changing European security landscape.

In two stages, the first part of the discussion concentrated on the state of play, the policy options – including the dynamics of sanctions -, and the prospects for peace. Participants discussed the causes and developments of the conflict and the challenges and prospects for ceasefire and peace negotiations. Looking forward, the second part of the meeting covered factors to consider for the reconstruction of Ukraine, how to promote a deeper security integration in the EU and what a new EU Eastern policy could look like.