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EP Plenary debate on the long-term EU budget

Following the European Commission’s presentation of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) -EU’s long-term budget, usually covering a seven-year-period-, Members of the European Parliament debated during the Plenary session the proposal. Parliament wants the #EUBudget to match political priorities and address some of the new challenges facing all member states.

Here some of my main comments on the European Commission’s proposal:

  • There is a budget increase despite Brexit. However figures stay far behind.
  • Cohesion cannot be sacrificed. What really matters is to keep unity among European citizens. We call for a Eurozone with clear instruments to overcome divergences!
  • The proposal addresses new priorities as defense, migration, research, innovation.However, it’s far from our expectations. Territorial divergences are largely ignored. Sustainable Development Goals and climate-change policies are far from being reflected.
  • We welcome the proposal on own resources but we want the digital tax and financial transaction tax to be included.



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