Watch  🎥 FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues participating in the Bled Strategic Forum #BSF2021:

“We need to move to a sustainable model developing our welfare systems to support this transition and making the best of the digital revolution”, said FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues at the Bled Strategic Forum. “Europe is at the forefront of the green transition, but is late on digital. This is a very serious problem”.

Meanwhile, on the international stage, “We need to have our strategic autonomy”, President Rodrigues added: “I really feel that we need to have some room of manoeuvre”.

But this is a process that can be put in motion only if we meet two conditions. The first is having “strong, reliable, financial means. We had a good start now with the Recovery Fund”, she said: “But we need to prolong this in time. And this would involve taxation”.

The second condition is about the political system. “For sure, we need to strengthen our European capacity to govern ourselves”, Ms Rodrigues said.